Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unidentified fire tower, Minnesota - probably the Marble Lake tower

Update: This is likely a photograph of the Marble Lake tower. Marble Lake was once called Spruce Lake. The CCC camp was located very near the tower.

section of old railroad map of Lake County
Finland State Forest [railroad region] Ray Segar

The Cook County Historical Society { at } has this photograph which was part of a small collection of CCC photos believed to be related to the Spruce Lake CCC Camp north of Two Harbors. The name stamped on the back is associated with several photographs of CCC activity between 1933-1942. What tower is this?

Courtesy Cook County Historical Sociey (all rights reserved)
by permission
The photograph is included in the Society's collection available online at - - Minnesota's Digital Library.

The Spruce Lake Camp published a monthly newsletter. In the June 1941 issue this paragraph mentions tower duty:
Weasel Broughton, former rabbit choker deluxe, has made camp a jump from rabbit-choking and marking timber to manning the Marble Lake Lookout tower. Here's hoping he doesn't snare as many fires as he did rabbits. Charles Neyman, who has been a squad foreman here for the past two years, left for points South after terminating his services with the U. S. Forest Service. During his time here, "Pops" has supervised the wood procurement and Knife River Nursery crews, as well as several others.
Spruce Lake Splash
June 18 1941
Monthly publication of Spruce Lake Camp F-53, Company 3707, CCC, Two Harbors, Minnesota. Published by and for the members of the company.
Minnesota Reflections
Could the mystery photo be of the Marble Lake tower, or perhaps the Pequaywan Lookout Tower? There is no available description about the Bud(d) Hill tower but that was also in the area.

Lakes tributary to Lake Superior include Stewart Lake and Twin Lakes, sources of Stewart River; Highland Lake, west of Highlandstation; Thomas, Christensen, Amberger, Clark, Kane, andSpruce Lakes, mostly named for cruisers selecting tracts of timber or for lumbermen in charge of logging camps; Bear Lake, three miles northwest of Beaver Bay; Lax Lake (formerly called Schaff's Lake), for which a railroad station is named, as before noted;Nicado, Micmac, and Nipissiquit Lakes, having aboriginal names;Moose, Nine Mile, and Echo Lakes, outflowing south to Manitou River; Long Lake, Shoepack, Crooked, Artlip, and East Lakes; and, farther north, Harriet Lake, Wilson Lake and Little Wilson Lake, Windy Lake, Elbow, Lost, and Frear Lakes, the last three being crossed by the east line of the county. - Minnesota Place Names, A Geographical Encyclopedia, Warren Upham

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cascade and Sioux River update

I have some new thoughts about the Cascade and Sioux River entries. I'll try to sort it all out and revise the entries to be more coherent.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cotton Forestry Station and Tower for sale

The Cotton Forestry Office is being auctioned July 24, 2013. See the notice here: DNR Forestry Office (PDF)